seysoft is a web based business management software. SEYSOFT allows users to manage a wide range of their business all from a single web application. Starting with employees and their: PTO, schedules, duites, titles, statuses, history, to inventory, sales, expenses, customers, appointments, business users and more.


DEVSEY provides a range of solutions for your web development needs. Some of those solutions include: template installation, template re-design, template management, custom design & development, custom web applications such as: sign up, login, data recording i.e. forms, third party API usage, third party software installation and setup. We also provide web hosting and email services.



codesey is a web based application that was developed from the ground up using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, and PHP. codesey is designed to mimic all of the basic user functionality that modern operating systems offer. Using web technology, codesey is able to be extremely sleek, light weight, fast, user friendly, and universally deployable. With the use of barebone thin clients (even Pis) in kiosk mode and web servers, codesey could be deployed in an entire office envrionment at a very low cost.



Fleet Gaming is a project dedicated towards the preservation and archival of video games. All game versions present on the site are already out of production and are unavailable in the primary market. To request removal of data email



Exalt Gaming is a web application based on the popular game League of Legends. It allows users to search themselves when in a game and return ally and enemy stats relevant to that current match. This project is still a work in progress and more will come soon.


Twigsters hosts an iteration of element chat and matrix synapse.